5th Grade Band Updates

Due to the abrupt end of the face-to-face schooling last Spring and the current social distancing guidelines, we will be starting fifth grade band in a different fashion. The following changes were made to:

  • more easily schedule the group
  • eliminate the need for parents to try to take care of rentals during the summer
  • start immediately in the Fall 

Listed below is the plan with the understanding that we may have to adjust if we return to a “virtual” classroom at any point.

August 26- September 11 “PREBAND”

  • Class will consist of rhythm activities, building essential skills, and selecting a starter instrument.
  • During this period, all students will be required to select one of the following instruments with the guidance of the director:
    • Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone 

Sept 14-December 4 “TRIAL PERIOD”

  • Students will receive their selected instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone) 
    • Instruments will be rented from Rettig Music 
    • The initial twelve week trial period will be paid for from the band account. There will be no cost to the students until the next phase.
  • Students will learn the basic fundamentals of sound production and rhythm, as well as rehearsal skills.
  • During this time the directors will reach out and ask students to audition for French Horn, Saxophone, and Percussion. Students must audition and be accepted to switch to these instruments.  

Dec 7th-Christmas Break “REVIEW PERIOD”

  • Beginning the week after the trial period, all instrument rentals will be the responsibility of the parents. 
    • If you continue to rent your instrument, payments will be transferred to the parents at this time.
    • If you are switching to Saxophone, Horn, or Percussion those instruments will be delivered at this time.
    • If you have made other arrangements for a different instrument (rent from a different source, purchase, use Aunt Suzie’s band instrument) you will return your rental at this time. Please note that all instrument switches are to be approved by the band director.
    • All students will purchase the Tradition of Excellence band book at this time. ($8-$10)