What instruments are taught in 5th Grade Band?

Students in fifth grade may learn to play the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, or percussion.

When does band rehearse?

This is a regularly scheduled class in the Middle School day. Students will have one day of sectionals (woodwind, brass, or percussion) and two days of full band each week. Students do not miss other classes for band rehearsals.

How do we sign up for band?

All interested students will be given an Instrument fitting permission form during the “Instrument Petting Zoo”. Fill out the form completely and return it to Mrs. Petersen as soon as possible. Please be sure to indicate three choices of instruments, ranked in order. (Not every student’s first choice will be available or the best choice for success.)
Parents will officially sign up for band at the Parent Open House meeting. The list from that meeting will be given to Mrs. Bills who will schedule the students for band.
What instrument is best for my child?

Some physical characteristics (underbites, overbites, tear-drop lips, finger size, etc.) can affect the potential for success of many instruments. As part of the recruiting process we will meet with each student individually to help determine what instruments they could be the most successful on.

How do I obtain an instrument?

If you do not own the instrument that your student will be playing, you will need to rent from a local music store. Most music stores offer a short trial period followed by a monthly rent-to-own plan. The rental price varies between the different instruments. The local music stores listed below can provide more specific information. Please do not make rental arrangements until we have decided what instrument your child will be playing! Instruments can be rented and supplies purchased at the Parent Open House. You are highly encouraged to rent an instrument before deciding to buy. Once you are ready to buy, please BEWARE of poor quality musical instruments found on the internet. If the deal seems too good to be true it is. Mr. Ruckman is more than happy to help with suggestions of good quality manufacturers. In August, the music store will deliver your rental instrument directly to school. Students will receive the instrument at their first lesson. We do this to avoid accidental damage caused by curious students who have not yet learned how to handle and assemble an instrument properly. If you already own your instrument, we recommend you have it cleaned and checked for proper playing condition before the school year starts. This can be done at the Parent Open House as well.

What other items will my child need?

Each student will need a Sound Innovations lesson book and a Scale and Rhythm Chunk book, which cost about $8 each. A folding music stand is a very useful item and strongly recommended. Students may also need instrument specific accessories such as reeds, valve oil, cork grease, mouthpieces, etc. You will receive more specific supply information after instrument decisions have been made.

What kind of effort is expected from my child?

Playing a musical instrument can be a very fun and gratifying activity. However, to be successful, each student must be willing to devote the necessary time and effort. Daily practice at home, a properly adjusted instrument, and regular attendance at lessons, rehearsals, and concerts is crucial. Strong parental support and encouragement is also an important factor in achieving success on a musical instrument.