5th Grade Band Process…

  • All 4th Grade students try every instrument at our annual “instrument petting zoo” in March.
  • Interested students come back for a one-on-one instrument fitting for their favorite instrument(s) with a trained professional in late March.
  • In Early April their will be a parent open house to take of the following which are required for ALL students joining 5th Grade Band:
  1. Secure a quality/working instrument
    • Fill out paperwork and make payment for the 12-week instrument rental period. (I would recommend this before purchasing an instrument to make sure the instrument selected is the “right fit” for the student. It is basically a three-month rental for the price of one.)
    • If you have a used Instrument that the student will be using, please bring it in so that I can make sure it is in good working order. If any work needs to be done, it can be sent in that evening and will be delivered back to the school.
  2. Purchase the necessary supplies, care items (please see list), and books (see below)
  3. Sign up for class (certain instruments must receive director approval). I must give a list of students that will be in band to Mrs. Bills so that she can schedule classes. Students will not be added to the class list unless they officially sign up.
  4. Register for the band website
  5. Register for phone reminders
  6. Receive band calendar and summer camp dates



Scale and Rhythm Chunks

Traditions of Excellence Bk. 1

Notes on Instrument Selection

Students may sign up for the following instruments in 5th Grade:

flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, french horn, trombone, and percussion.

  • Instrument recommendations will be made based on the student’s physical characteristics, ability to produce a characteristic sound, instrumentation balance of the entire band, and student preference.
  • A student may be asked, at the director’s discretion, to play a 2nd choice due to any of the previous items. The number of students selected for percussion will be limited based on the total number of students signed up for band. Percussionists will need to demonstrate hand independence and coordination at the time of fittings. Students will be asked to play snare drum and bells. Any student wishing to play percussion must be recommended by the percussion instructor after the fittings.
  • Typically, we can always use more trombones and clarinets in the 5th grade band. Students are encouraged to select one of those two instruments.
  • Students wishing to play French Horn will need a recommendation from Mrs. Petersen. Selection will be based on musicianship, attitude,work ethic, and demonstration of potential at the instrument fitting day .


I am looking forward to meeting all of the 4th grade students in the coming weeks. This is always an exciting time for me and hopefully for our future band members. The band program at Coldwater has a very strong tradition. A majority of high school band members participate in extracurricular activities including football, wrestling, soccer, volleyball, swimming, drama, cross country, track, basketball, baseball, bowling, softball, cheer and golf. Over 85 % of the high school band this year made the honor roll in the fall. Many of the school’s top academic performers are in the band. Coldwater band isn’t just about playing a horn or drum, it’s about teamwork, commitment and dedication. No one in this band program sits the bench.