The success of the Coldwater Band is dependent on student leadership. The bigger the band, the more people are needed to take the lead and make sure things happen.

Band Officers

 President  Emily F  
 Vice President  Adam H  
 Treasurer  Caroline M  
 Historian  Jessica G  
 Librarian  Abbie P  

Junior Reps

Jeremy G    
Katelyn V    


 Sophomore Reps

Deatra R    
Clair S    


Freshman Reps

Maria C    
Isaac M    

Drum Majors

 Primary Rhianna P
 Secondary Rachel M

Section Leaders

Caroline M, Abigail P, Erin K
 Trombones Jeremy G
McKenna G, Grace W
Shannon M, Ashley P, Krista W, Jordan K
Gabi O, Nichole W
Rachel S, Samantha F, Ellie D, Alexis M, Sarah B
Jessica G, Bryn D, Ashton C, Emily F
Dane R, Isaac C, Jesse J
Adam H, Riley S