Thank you for your patience while waiting for a plan for band camp. Below is Plan A. You will notice that it is small groups. Until we open up fully, we will not be able to have full band. If we are allowed to expand the group size I will adjust the schedule. Please remember the importance of FLEXIBILITY. I am looking forward to seeing all of you!

*You will check in outside the band room upon arrival and answer questions from the Covid-19 Monitoring Form
*You will either need to provide your temperature or have it taken. Any person with a temperature of 100.5 or greater will be sent home
*Wash and sanitize hands upon arrival
*No lingering in the band room
*Bring your own water bottle- No drinking fountain use
*No sharing of music stands
*You will stay with your assigned group/director for the entire length of your scheduled rehearsal
*6 ft of social distancing must be maintained at all times
*No lingering in the building at the conclusion of rehearsal
*Wash and sanitize hands when you leave

PDF Version: 2020 Band Camp Schedule