Students in the Coldwater Cavalier Band program thrive on the support of parents, family members, and Coldwater Band alumni. Parent support for the Coldwater Cavalier Band program is expressed through the many activities of the Band Boosters. The purpose of the Coldwater Band Boosters is to advocate for the value of music education and provide volunteer and essential financial support for students and directors in the band program.

Booster Leadership

Band Booster officers are very generous and involved parents who volunteer for their positions. Anyone that might be interested should talk to a current officer. They’d be extremely happy to hear from you! New volunteers are essential, especially as kids graduate and parents leave the Booster organization.


All band parents are actually members of the Coldwater Band Boosters and encouraged to attend monthly Band Booster meetings. Meetings are at the school, usually in the band room. Minutes (in PDF format) will be posted to the website after they are approved. Dates are announced via the website calendar.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events such as the Sub & Burrito Sales require many volunteers. Volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up, food and beverage service.


Chaperones are needed to ride the buses and help with the students during trips to out-of-area performances and competitions by all bands. Trip chaperones get into their respective event free of charge.


Concession workers are needed for food prep, sales and cleanup for many home events. Our largest source of income for the Coldwater band program comes from concessions. These funds help pay for new equipment, uniforms, and supplement costs for trips. Concession workers get into their respective event free of charge.

Uniform Fitting

Parent volunteers are needed to help find a uniform that will fit each student and coordinate the purchase of gloves and shoes at the start of the season. They also take care of the uniforms at the end of the season. People that know how to make alterations (e.g., shorten pants), are also usually needed to help those that request assistance.


Photos of the band at performances, competitions, and at practice are needed for posting on the Coldwater band web site. Contact the webmaster or see instructions in the Media section of the site about sharing that one great picture you took, becoming a regular contributor, or anything in between!

Band Website

This website is created and maintained by volunteers. If you’d like to become involved, just let us know! Suggestions and content-contributions are also greatly appreciated.