We have received multiple updates that have made adjustments to the invoice system.  Presented here is a summary of the new interface, and some notes about the changes.

Your Payment Dashboard is still the same. When you click Pay, it will still open your invoice in the same window as it always has.  In the future, it will open the invoice in a new window so you do not lose access to the Cavalier Band website.

The invoice has a new look.  Your payment button now floats on the bottom of the window so when you scroll up or down to see more details, it is always present.  To make a payment, click the Make a Payment button.

The Payment screen will open.

This new screen will give you multiple options, each clearly indicated and easy to select.  For most, the options are, Current Balance.  This will pay EVERYTHING remaining on your invoice.  Minimum Payment, which is set to the minimum you can pay based on your invoice. Other Amount, which allows you to pay more than your minimum. After you have made your choice hit Continue.

(Note that while you can see the Credit Card info at the bottom, this will be removed in a future patch.)

Note: So you’ve selected your payment amount, clicked continue, and are ready to enter your CC info, and suddenly you want to change your amount… we’ve addressed this with the developer. For now, simply close your browser and log back into the site.

You can now fill in your credit card information to make a payment. Complete the section below and press Submit Payment.

The screen will flash, and after a few moments, it will return you to the invoice. At the top of the invoice it will display a payment successful notice.  However, if you wish to confirm, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Recently Updated to review your Invoice History.


Questions about using the site or the new payment screens?
Please contact webmaster@cavalierband.org