A note from Mr. Ruckman

First I would like to thank the students, parents, Coldwater community, and friends and family of the Coldwater Band Program for the support you have continually shown the students of the band. We could not represent our school and town without your support. We are all aware of what the last 5 months have done to disrupt the continuity of the things that we for so long have expected and enjoyed. I am asking for your help in keeping the Band Program as something all of Coldwater can look to with PRIDE. Over the next several weeks I will be asking for your support. This will come in many forms, and I ask that to start, you read Chez’s letter below and consider joining the Band Booster Officers. Very soon we will be launching our Music is Instrumental campaign. With the loss of fundraisers last year and the potential of more losses this year, we have instituted the steps necessary to weather the financial hardships next year. We have already reduced the yearly budget by 60%. If you or anyone you know would like to help the band program financially, please consider supporting this fundraiser in the upcoming weeks. We appreciate your support.

Together, with a focus on volunteerism, financial support, patience and understanding, we will have a successful school year, and make sure that we continue to do the best for our students.

Mr. Ruckman

Letter from the Band Boosters

Dear Fellow Cavaliers,

As we all know we are currently living in a difficult time. We are looking for some unique individuals who are willing to step up to the plate in helping to keep instrumental music alive and well. We are looking to fill a couple of our Band Booster positions. In Becoming a member of the Band Boosters Officers, you will help establish a yearly budget for the Band Program and come up with unique fundraising activities. We are currently in need of a two positions. The first is the 2020-21 Vice President position which will move into the President position for the 2021-22 school year. We are also in need of a Treasurer position which is a two year position.

If you are someone who is passionate about the Band Program, Community, and a Role Model then these positions would be ideal for you. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me at one of the contact methods listed below.

Very Respectfully,
Chez Bonifas Band Booster President
Cell: (419)852-4948
Email: sgt_bonifas@yahoo.com

Band Camp Week #2

We will continue with our 9-1 band camp schedule with the following safety guidelines:
*You will check in outside the band room upon arrival and answer questions from the Covid-19 Monitoring Form
*You will either need to provide your temperature or have it taken. Any person with a temperature of 100.5 or greater will be sent home
*Wash and sanitize hands upon arrival
*No lingering in the band room
*Bring your own water bottle- No drinking fountain use
*No sharing of music stands
*You will stay with your assigned group/director for the entire length of your scheduled rehearsal
*6 ft of social distancing must be maintained at all times
*No lingering in the building at the conclusion of rehearsal
*Wash and sanitize hands when you leave

Please review the supply list and note the delivery time necessary for marching shoes and some supplies. Please order these BEFORE the start of band camp.


Band Fees are $55 for ALL students. Please do not send checks or cash to school. Payments are to be made online. Due by Aug 6th

Please familiarize yourself with the Board approved band handbook. Most importantly, please review the Grading and Attendance portion. While attendance is mandatory for band events, we do realize that there are occasions where it a student may need to request an excused absence. This is done through the EXCUSED ABSENCE FORM.

If you haven’t done so, please sign up for HS Band text reminders (New Remind Group): text @cwband2021 to the number 81010 Please do this ASAP Follow us on Facebook: The Coldwater Marching Band or Twitter:@CavBand1