Friday, February 28…Sub and Burrito orders are due

Please return all packets even if you had no sales.

Sunday, March 1…High School Band and Choir Concert
    • 1:00 Set up
    • 1:30 Band Warm-up
    • 2:15 Choir Warm-up
    • 2:45 Band Picture- wear Concert Black
    • 2:55 Choir Picture
    • 3:00 Concert

Monday, March 9…Evening With the Arts Performances

(Band students should plan to be in the band room 15 minutes prior to their performance time)
5:45 2nd and 3rd Grade performances
6:20 Cavalier Steel Band
6:30 5th and 6th Grade Band
7:00 4th Grade performance
7:20 Cavalier Steel Band
7:30 7th and 8th Grade Band

Friday, March 13…High School Band Large Group Adjudicated Event

2-4 Chaperones needed. Please contact Mr. Ruckman if interested

2:45 Load and Depart
4:00 Set up
4:30 Perform
6:30 Home