All forms and information can be found at https://cavalierband.org/hs-marching-band-summer-information/
The $55 band fee will be due by the first week of practice in July.

Registration for the 2019 Florida trip can be found at https://cavalierband.org/members/forms/
Registration is due: May 24th
Deposit is due: June 1st

After you are registered you will see an email notifying you that your invoice is ready, and that you can go online to make payments.  When you are logged in on the website, go to the Members menu, and you will see an option for Payment Dashboard.

The Deposit for Florida is due by June 1st. It will take 24-48 hrs (weekends not included) for the invoice/email to appear after trip registration. You can login anytime to see the current status of your invoice and payments.

Trip credit for Butterbraid sales will be applied at a later date and will appear as a credit to your invoice total.


ALL trip contact from the website (notices, alerts) is going to the email you provided as your website account primary/guardian.  After the initial invoice email, all payment and invoice review requires login. The invoice is assigned to their family account.  Students & Parents- Please do not make duplicate website accounts. This can cause an issue that will not allow you to register for Florida. You must use the initial registration created by your parent/guardian. 

Thank you  for your help and support

Go Cavs!