Cav Band Family,

We are off to a great start. It is so nice to be able to see and work with all of the band students. Here are a few reminders from the start of the school year

Concession Volunteers are needed for all 4 games still Anna(1), Parkway(6), New Bremen(7) and Marion(12). More information and sign up can be found at:

The Fall Pepperoni Roller sale forms are going home this week. Deadline for all orders and money is Wed, September 14th.

All Band students need to return the Signed Parent Acknowledgement form that they have read and are responsible for the items in the band handbook.

A paper copy of the band calendar and Remind sign up instructions was also sent home.

PDFs of papers that were sent home:
Parent Acknowledgement
Pepperoni Rollers
Band Sign Ups
JH Band Show